Here is Windows 11 on Google Pixel 6 with Android 13

Thanks to the improved support for virtualization of Android 13 a developer was able to make it work Windows 11 ARM in a virtual machine on your Google Pixel 6 smartphone.

Through his Twitter account, the developer of XDA kdrag0n showed Windows 11 ARM running in a virtual machine on a Google Pixel 6 device running Android 13 DP1, explaining that the latest OS version of Microsoft it was actually usable and he proved it by posting a video showing Doom running.

The improved virtualization support of Android 13 allows you to run Windows 11

According to kdrag0n in the Android 13 bootloader and firmware for the Tensor platform, Google added a new capability that would allow it to boot multiple Linux distributions and run them at almost native speed.

However it is good to know that at this stage direct KVM access on Android 13 requires root unless writing a VM management app and requiring special permission to run a native service in a MicroDroid VM.

This isn’t the first time Windows 11 ARM has run on Android smartphones, as last month a community called the Renegade Project brought Windows 10 ARM and Windows 11 ARM to devices with Snapdragon 845 SoCs.

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