here is how much they cost and how to request them

CoopVoce joins the (restricted) group of Italian mobile telephone operators that makes available the eSIM to users. The marketing phase of CoopVoce’s virtual SIMs kicks off today, after a long period of testing. We see how to apply for a CoopVoce eSIM and how the new service offered by the operator to its customers works, who will be able to download the virtual SIM directly onto their own smartphone.

CoopVoce launches eSIMs: here’s how to request them

The eSIMs for CoopVoce customers are officially available starting today, 3 March. For this first phase of the launch of the new service, virtual SIM cards can only be requested by going in person to one of the CoopVoce sales points participating in the initiative. ESIMs may be required from already customers or from those who switch to CoopVoce (if the transfer takes place in a participating store).

At least for now, it is not possible to request the eSIM through the operator’s website. It should also be noted that the virtual SIM proposed by CoopVoce is accessible to both private and business customers but cannot be activated for IoT devices and smartwatches. The registration of the CoopVoce eSIM on your device takes place via QR Code. By framing the code it is, in fact, possible to download the eSIM profile and use this function in place of a physical SIM card.

In addition, your smartphone must support eSIMs to access this feature. Note that it is possible to move the eSIM from one device to another without limitations and without costs additional. Unlike what happens with other mobile phone operators who have already made virtual SIMs available to their customers, with CoopVoce no payment will be required for the operation and it will not be necessary to obtain a new QR Code.

How much CoopVoce eSIMs cost

The CoopVoce eSIM has the same cost as a more traditional SIM Card proposed by the operator. It is therefore required for new customers a one-off contribution of 10 euros to be added to the cost of the first top-up required to cover the amount of the activated offer. The virtual SIM includes 5 euro of residual credit (1 euro of telephone traffic + 4 euro of non-refundable bonus in case of switching to another provider). To complete the activation of the eSIM it is necessary to provide an e-mail address to which both the subscription contract and the QR Code needed to download the eSIM profile will be sent.

As noted above, i already CoopVoce customers have the possibility to switch from the physical SIM Card to the eSIM, without any modification of the active offer. In this case, the operator requests a one-off contribution of 5 euros. The switch to the virtual SIM cannot be done online but only by going to a participating store. The procedure for activating the eSIM profile is the same with the QR Code that will be sent via email to the user.

It should also be noted that the replacement of the eSIM (in case of theft or loss of the smartphone) it is free and can be done by contacting the CoopVoce Customer Service (the reference number is, remember, 188). Instead, there is a replacement cost of 5 euros in case of breakage or damage to your device and the consequent inability to move the eSIM profile to a new device.

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