here are the mobility habits of Italians for Valentine’s Day

On the occasion of Saint Valentinethe European mobility app, FREE NOWhe made a new survey among its user basethe. The aim of this survey was to find out how users spend the party of lovers and what are their mobility habits on the occasion of the first romantic date.

The results of the FREE NOW survey for Valentine’s Day

According to the data that emerged from the FREE NOW survey for Valentine’s Daythe taxi is the preferred means of transport for getting around in view of a romantic evening. For 66% the main advantage is represented by the possibility of being able to indulge in an extra glass at dinner while 41% do not want to worry about the weather conditions. 15% of users say that the taxi is the best option to get away quickly in case of an unlucky date. It should be noted that 16% of respondents stated that they had asked the taxi driver for love advice at least once and 12% were satisfied with the opinion received.

The most romantic Italian cities

Valentine’s FREE NOW survey asked participants to indicate the most romantic Italian city giving a score from 1 to 7. Leading the ranking is Rome with an average score of 5.8. Behind the capital there is Naples with a score of 4.8 above Palermo with 4.2. They close the ranking, according to the opinion of FREE NOW users, Milan, Catania, Cagliari and Turin.

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