here are the big numbers for 2021

In recent years, the sector of mobile applications has made significant progress and this also during periods of severe economic crisis generated by the Coronavirus pandemic, which probably ended up giving a big hand to the app market, as the habits and needs of users have radically changed.

The team of Annie Research App published it State of Mobile 2022 Report, that is a guide that offers developers and professionals a look at the mobile market and tries to direct them on how to exploit the related data to promote the growth of their solutions and expand the user base more and more.

It promises to be a great year for the mobile app industry

App Annie’s staff are keen to highlight some of the aspects key from which to start in view of the next 12 months:

  • more and more time is spent on mobile apps, so much so that in the main markets an average of 4.8 hours a day is reached (with an increase of 30% in two years)
  • users are increasingly devoting their attention and investments to mobile devices, with over $ 320,000 passed through app stores every minute over the course of 2021 (an almost 20% increase over 2020 figures)
  • 230 billion apps were downloaded in 2021 (over 435,000 per minute globally), a 5% year-on-year increase
  • if in 2021 advertising spending in the mobile sector exceeded 295 billion dollars, in the course of 2022 they should reach 350 billion dollars

According to App Annie, 2022 is set to break past years’ records and confirm the strengthening of the mobile sector in a transformed economy that relies on digital socialization, hybrid work and mobile entertainment.

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