Here are some ways to take advantage of Google Assistant during the holidays

Google Assistant is the virtual assistant of the Mountain View house as well as one of the most advanced around and now Google – through the words of Dina Berrada, Director of Product Management, Google Assistant – wanted to emphasize ten ways to take advantage of it for the holidays.

In recent times we have seen how Assistant has been renewed on the Google Pixel 6, improvements for calls via smart display, but also some complaints about Guide Mode and the disappearance of a function. Now let’s see how it can be useful for the holiday season.

Google Assistant: ten ways to use it

During the holidays (and not only) what matters most is being able to spend quality time with your friends and family. So here’s how Google recommend to use Assistant:

  1. Getting together to have a meal with friends is easier with help hands-free in the kitchen. To look for some new recipe or take a cue, just say commands such as “Hey Google, find me Thanksgiving recipes“.
  2. This research can lead to some pleasant new discoveries, well for add new recipes to your book, just ask Assistant (“Hey Google, add to my cookbook“). Once done, to view the recipes on the smart display just say “Hey Google, show me my cookbook“And, once the desired one has been selected, ask”Hey Google, start cooking”To get step-by-step visual instructions.
  3. When the dishes are ready and the table is set, it is possible to announce it via the Broadcast function by saying “Hey Google, broadcast ‘dinner is ready’“.
  4. If you really feel the need to listen to the great classics of Christmas songs, the right command for you is “Hey Google, play Christmas music“.
  5. If, on the other hand, you want to carry on with the Christmas Gifts and you do not want to scroll through pages and pages of products on the sites of the various stores, know that on Android devices you can ask Google Assistant to search for you in various apps, such as that of Walmart. If you have the aforementioned app installed, all you have to do is ask “Hey Google, search Walmart for bicycles“Or any other article you want.
  6. Now we come to one of the exclusive advantages for owners of Pixel series smartphones: instead of wasting hours waiting during calls to change travel tickets or to return a gift, it is possible to use the Hold for me function: Google Assistant takes care of stay on hold and notify the user at the end of the wait.
  7. In recent years we have seen even more how being physically close to relatives and friends is not always possible, but also how technology can bring people together, for example through video calls. Google Duo, for example, allows you to make video calls group up to 32 people making the most of the Nest Hub Max screen and send greeting messages on mobile devices complete with AR effects. To initiate a call via Duo just say the command “Hey Google, make a video call“.
  8. Through the Family Bell function it is possible to organize all the commitments (even by creating a list) by scanning them with sound alerts reproduced on the smart displays and speakers.
  9. Google Assistant also lends itself to some nice games to play in company, just say the command “Hey Google, let’s play a game“.
  10. Finally, to create a magical atmosphere it is possible to be told one interactive story from Grabbit from Google Assistant, like Hansel and Gretel; more will be added soon, such as Alice in Wonderland, The Jungle Book And Sherlock Holmes.

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