Health Studies helps researchers in medicine and healthcare

Last year Apple launched its own medical research app for users who use iPhone And Apple Watch. With the new app Health Studies now also Google is trying to support physicians, who often have difficulty collecting sufficient amounts of user data, and users themselves in providing data.

Google Health Studies allows you to enroll in research projects and provide data securely through surveys or body sensor readings. The first study, conducted by Harvard Medical and Boston Children’s Hospital, focuses on respiratory conditions such as COVID-19 and other forms of flu.

Google Health Studies focuses on respiratory diseases

Dr. John Brownstein, a professor at Harvard Medical School and Chief Innovation Officer of Boston Children’s Hospital, said the app provides a simple and safe way for people to participate in medical research, allowing researchers to discover new epidemiological information on respiratory diseases. Google Health Studies aims to create opportunities for more people to participate in health research.

Google claims that the data provided by users is encrypted and stored securely on their device, plus users will be able to see exactly what they are contributing to and studies will only be able to access data that people have given their approval for. .

The Mountain View giant also reassures that personal search data will not be shared or sold to advertisers. The app relies on federated learning and analytics to manage data, allowing researchers to collect aggregated and anonymized data from multiple devices simultaneously.

Google Health Studies is available for Android for free with no in-app purchases and asks for permissions to access location and Wi-Fi connection information. Below you will find the badge to identify the application nel Google Play Store. Android 7.0 or later is required for installation.

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