Guardian Tales is a classic fantasy action RPG

Guardian Tales is an RPG set in Kanterbury, a world under attack from invaders that only the Legendary Guardian can save.

It is a retro-style fantasy action RPG featuring pixel art graphics with dark and dangerous dungeons to explore to discover hidden paths that lead to wonderful treasures.

Guardian Tales is a classic fantasy action RPG

Kakao Games RPG offers the chance to collect over 50 heroes with unique special abilities, 100 different types of weapons that can be upgraded, and the opportunity to customize your own island and Floating Castle.

The game controls include the classic virtual gamepad superimposed with the directional cross on the left of the display and the action buttons on the right to attack, defend and interact with the scenario and characters.

Guardian Tales includes intense PVP gameplay that allows you to challenge other players in live combat with the ability to create a guild with friends, plus there are stories, missions, challenges, events, rewards and much more.

Guardian Tales is available for Android for free supported by optional in-app purchases to speed up game progress and is available nel Play Store from Google through the badge that you find under the trailer. Android 4.4 or later is sufficient for installation.

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