Great news is coming for discounts on the Google Play Store

The Google Play Store, the most populated and popular app store in the Android world, is about to receive a welcome and awaited improvement: a tab dedicated to offers, for in-app purchases, for the purchase of applications and more. Google in these hours announced the news with a post on its blog and specified that at the moment the roll-out is in progress only in the United States, India and Indonesia, while it will peep out on the devices of other nations gradually as it passes. of 2022. This new tab will allow you to have an overview of all the offers concerning digital content offered by Google and by the developers who populate the platform.

The purpose, on the app that has taken the name of Play Store since 2012, is to allow as many people as possible to discover the various discounts in the games and apps that could be, according to the store’s algorithm, relevant to us or more generally, very advantageous. The Play Store is certainly not without problems but with this new feature it has certainly remedied one of them. All this will be possible thanks also to a partnership of Big G with the most important and famous developers of the platform.

An executive of Strava, the famous app on which a very large group of sportsmen find themselves, explained that this is a situation in which everyone wins. The developer has one more way to point out their offers or updates, thus managing to monetize their efforts more, while users can access the various offers in an even easier way, thus having the opportunity to save, perhaps by opening the app. in question directly from this new tab.

Here is an exhaustive list of what we can expect to find on the new offers tab of the Google Play Store:

  • Sale on games and items in-game: Ability to find much easier when a game is organizing limited time offers on gems, tokens and coins.
  • Awards and offers in bundle: You will find offers on free deliveries and rides and other prizes.
  • Discounts on movies and books, both to buy and to rent.
  • New apps offering 30 days subscription or free trial.

Take a look at this link to stay up to date on the Play Store offers, waiting for the new tab to appear in Italy too!

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