GrapheneOS will have its own official smartphone

The ROM custom they are no longer as popular as they were a few years ago but there are still a few reasons why users might want to use one, such as the highest level of securityespecially as regards privacy (which with Android is always exposed to some “influence” from Google).

Among the many projects that put safety at the center of their experience there is also GrapheneOSwhose team has announced that it will partner with a device maker to launch a phone based on its software.

According to what is made by the GrapheneOS staff with a message on Twitterthis smartphone should be able to guarantee users a valid alternative solution to the OS that is installed on Google Pixels, for example.

Unfortunately at present the GrapheneOS developer team cannot share the details relating to this project but hopes to be able to start giving some information within a few months.

How could the new GrapheneOS smartphone be

At the moment it is difficult to predict which smartphone manufacturer could be that has decided to collaborate with GrapheneOS and probably will not be one of the leading companies in the market (like Samsung or Xiaomi, just to name a few).

The phone in question probably will not be able to rely on Google Play Servicesbeing one of the main features of GrapheneOS and maybe it could be Huawei, now used to doing without them due to the commercial ban imposed by the US government, to decide to give this project an opportunity to reach the general public.

We look forward to finding out what are the projects of the GrapheneOS team, however certain that the developers have decided to take a courageous step for those who only deal with software.

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