Graphene OS releases its camera and PDF apps on the Play Store

In our dear and beloved Android there is no shortage of applications for the camera, in addition to those pre-installed by default by the manufacturers there are an infinite number of third parties, more or less valid, including various ports of Google’s GCam; however, most of them are closed source applications, and it is not at all obvious that user privacy is a focal point for developers. Now the development team of Graphene OSAndroid-based mobile operating system, completely focused on safeguarding the privacyreleases its camera application on the Play Store.

Secure Camera arrives on the Google store

Graphene OS camera application, Secure Cameraweighs only 5 MB, uses the Android Camera X library Google that allows you to support all manufacturer extensions; this also applies to any future extensions implemented by other brands. On Big G phones for example, you can zoom by pinching the screen and using the wide-angle and telephoto sensors, just like the native app; plus the app supports QR and barcode scanning.

The application in question, as already mentioned, takes the user’s privacy into great consideration, therefore:

  • the only authorization required is to access the camera
  • the MediaStore API is responsible for storing photos and videos, therefore without the need for permissions for media and archiving
  • Microphone permission will be required to record videos, but this can be disabled when there is no need to record audio
  • Location authorization is only required if location tagging has been explicitly enabled in advance
  • By default, EXIF ​​metadata deletion for images is enabled

Graphene OS also releases Secure PDF Viewer

At the same time, the developers also released their application for viewing PDFs, called Secure PDF Viewer; the application does not require any authorization to work as the PDF stream is inserted into the Sandbox web view, without giving it access to content or files.

The good thing about this release is that the apps, unlike many others, are open source: it is therefore possible for anyone who has the ability to view the code and make changes, perhaps releasing new patches or implementing new features. If you are interested in trying them, we leave you the badges below to download them from the Play Store.

Secure Camera

Secure PDF Viewer

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