Google’s initiatives in favor of the ecosystem

The climate change is already today areal and tangible emergencyas the news reports on floods, floods and violent and often unpredictable atmospheric phenomena demonstrate almost daily. Google has always been at the forefront to lead by example and lead the transition to new forms of energy with zero CO2 emissions – remember that the company has made the commitment to reduce CO2 emissions to zero by 2030 – and today unveils some initiatives designed to help people consider more eco-sustainable speedier.

Eco-sustainable initiatives on Maps, Research and more

By virtue of the commitment made to help more than a billion people make more sustainable choices by 2022, Google Maps as of today, it allows you to choose options that have less impact on the ecosystem and the environment. In this regard, the company unveils also the “Navigation Lite” for cyclists finally able to embark on a journey on two wheels having the most important travel information at hand. This novelty also falls within the scope of initiatives aimed at encouraging bicycle travel and, consequently, at reducing the use of polluting vehicles; in addition, information on the exchange columns for electric bikes available in 300 other cities around the world is also included.

Always from today, on Google Flights it will be possible to discover the quantity of emissions associated with the individual seats for each flight, so you can choose the options that pollute less. The choice of hotels also highlights the structures that have embraced policies in favor of eco-sustainability such as Green Key or EarthCheck certification. The company is committed to offering more choice options even during thepurchase of new appliancesdirectly on Google Shoppingnarrowing the selection on the most affordable and sustainable models.

google maps research shopping eco-sustainable initiatives

Starting today in the US, and in 2022 in Europe, Google Maps will propose by default the path that involves a lower amount of carbon emissions if the estimated time of arrival is similar to that of the fastest route. This new feature alone will make it possible to avoid more than one million tons of carbon emissions per year, equal to the pollution produced by 200,000 cars, but it will also offer savings on the wallet by reducing fuel consumption. There Google search it will make it easier to compare the performance of hybrid cars and electric vehicles in relation to petrol models, highlighting any reductions to find out the actual cost before proceeding with the purchase of the car. This feature will be available in the US this year, and will be joined by other options during 2022.

In summary, the ultimate goal of Google is to make the options accessible to embrace a lifestyle that is more attentive to the ecosystem.

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