Google working on a new Chromecast device with Google TV

The Google team is currently carrying out work on the launch of a new Chromecast series device with Google TV.

The first model of this renewed range dates back toautumn of 2020: Chromecast with Google TV was introduced as a device to showcase the Big G’s new and improved user experience for large screens.

Meanwhile, a lot of water has passed under the bridges, the competition has continued to run – you have seen the our review of the recene Amazon’s Fire TV Stick 4K Max? – and the device of Google began to warn the weight of the years on the technical specifications front, starting from the not exactly abundant internal memory (some users have difficulty installing the latest updates due to the limited space available).

Well now, according to some internal documents on which the team of 9to5Google has had the opportunity to set his eyes, the Mountain View giant is working on a new device with an Android operating system identified by the code name Boreal. The same code name also jumped out from some APK referable to Big G. From what we learn, in other words, the device known as Boreal would be closely linked to the same software Google TV Chromecast for Android which is on board the first Chromecast model with Google TV.

Unfortunately, no details are available on the technical specifications of this new device at the moment. A much anticipated improvement, almost certainly coming with Boreal, is the hardware support for decoding the AV1 format, missing on the first model and now required by Android TV.

As for the launch period, there are rumors of an arrival in the course of 2022 and it is far from unlikely. As for the positioning in the lineup, the new model may not replace that of 2020, but rather constitute one premium version, along the lines of what happened in the past with Chromecast Ultra and Nexus Player.

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