Google will ask users to prove their age in Australia

A bit like it already happens in the European Union, according toAVMSD (Audiovisual Media Services Directive), Google has announced that for Australian users, a new step will soon be added to act a verify the age of the user when you want to take advantage of some services, including YouTube and the Google Play Store.

Big G explains that from next month it will be added to the aforementioned Android apps, an additional step to verify the age of the users, this for comply with the guidelines established by the Australian government through the Online Security Statement 2022; according to the document, whoever provides a service must make sure, in a reasonable manner, that the user is of an appropriate age, in order to avoid viewing and use of inappropriate content for minors under the age of 18.

Basically when the user is about to view adult content on YouTube, or tries to download applications not suitable for minors, the message you see in the image above will be displayed; a check will have to be completed able to verify the age of the user who, if it did not end automatically, may require a valid ID or credit card to allow access to the requested services.

Google emphasizes the protection of the privacy and security of users with the following statement: “As part of this process, some Australian users may be asked to provide additional proof of age when attempting to watch adult content on YouTube or download content on Google Play. If our systems cannot determine that a viewer is over the age of 18, we will ask them to provide valid ID or a credit card to verify their age. We have built our age verification process in line with the Privacy and Security Principles by Google“.

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