Google updates the At A Glance widget on Android 12 with some new features

Google is implementing some improvements to its widget At A Glance to allow users with a Pixel smartphone to do and see much more directly from the lock screen. Among the latest implementations we point out the possibility of seeing what is happening outside our front door, with the possibility of controlling the camera of our doorbell directly from the lockscreen.

Google adds support for doorbells and more to At A Glance

The widget will send a text notification when a connected doorbell indicates an activity, also showing a thumbnail of what is seen from its camera.

The novelty shown in the screenshots above appears to work with the smart doorbells of Nest, but there are no details about other brands and compatible products. A new settings menu design for At A Glance is also being rolled out.

The new version of the Google widget, in addition to the display of the doorbell, will be able to remind us when we have the flashlight on, show a safety notice when it starts up a countdown from the Personal Security app and will show information on all devices connected.

To have these new functions you have to wait for the usual update via Google’s server, in addition to having the beta version of the Google app signed by version 13.0.6 and a Pixel with Android 12. If you are eager to try out the new features, and you have a Pixel with the latest version of the green robot, you can try to download the beta version via this link.

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