Google updates the At a Glance widget and brings new information about the Pixels

Google had a lot of news in store for the At a Glance widget, daughters of the Google Pixel 6-Android 12 binomial, however so far we have seen some inevitable hitches and very little new.

Now the Mountain View giant has returned to update the popular widget by introducing a couple of announced innovations, although there are some caveat. Mind you: most of the new features are still missing, but at least something is starting to move.

First, the At a Glance widget received the ability to track data relating to fitness and show them directly on the home screen and lock screen once the workout has started. At present, it appears that feature support is limited to a handful of applications, such as Adidas Running And Strava (not only running or cycling, but also many other activities). Ironically, Google Fit doesn’t even sync.

The second novelty is Bedtime, which syncs with the Google Clock feature of the same name and helps users keep track of their rest. That’s not all, the At a Glance widget also tries to help you stick to your schedule by asking you to get ready to go to bed fifteen minutes before your set time.

Both new information, in fact, are shown in the widget when the relative notification also appears, largely defeating its usefulness. In any case, the widget is also shown on the Pixel always-on display screen, where this information is much more useful to find at a glance.

Both new functions of the At a Glance widget appeared automatically on Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro (here is our review) with the version Google application. They should be on by default, however you can always check this in the widget preferences.

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