Google TV is preparing to introduce 3 new functions

The splash screen is one of the main strengths of Google TV, featuring a design that focuses on the content that is recommended and that allows the user to find everything they need in one place.

It seems that the Google TV development team plans to improve the platform experience with a new “Restricted Mode” feature and a watchlist for the profile dedicated to children, at least this is what emerges from a few lines of code that the staff of 9to5Google he unearthed in the version 1.0.4233 of Google TV.

Three new features are coming for Google TV users

The first of the possible upcoming novelties identified is called “Restricted Mode”And should be a new form of content filtering on the home screen for the standard adult profile.

When this particular mode is enabled, the system should block autoplay on any adult topic program but should only apply to free content (this should include trailers and movies or ad supported programs).

According to what is learned, users will have to use the PIN to unlock this setting.

The second novelty is “Watchlist for kids“, Which is a feature that should allow the creation of lists of content to be watched within a profile for children.

Recall that the Watchlist is a core feature of Google TV, as it allows you to save content from both recommendations and other devices. The strings identified by 9to5Google clearly indicate “Add to watchlist” with direct reference to the child profile but at the moment it is not clear where this will appear on the home screen.

There is also a third novelty on the way, namely “Google TV Channels, a name behind which new free streaming content could be hidden to be added to the integration with Pluto TV.

At the moment there is no information on when such news could be made available to all users.

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