Google TV can now respond by opening a YouTube video

Thanks to the integration of Google Assistant, Google TV allows you to control the devices of the smart home, find movies and TV shows, and more. Now Google’s virtual assistant is able to generate results that also include videos from YouTube that are played directly on Google TV.

Yesterday, Google announced various updates for Google TV and Nest products, detailing some of the latest services and features available on its various proprietary products.

The news includes updates for the Google Home app, remote app installation on Android TV from the Play Store, the social TikTok and the integration of Pluto TV in the Live tab of Google TV.

Google TV can now respond by opening a YouTube video

However, another news announced concerns the possibility of obtaining results that also include videos relevant to the questions asked through the Google Assistant on Google TV.

While it’s unclear when this change went live, Google Assistant, at least on Chromecast with Google TV, now has the ability to open relevant YouTube videos instead of presenting a content recommendation screen.

For example, asking a topical question will play a video from a news organization on YouTube, but it is currently unclear whether this feature can link to third-party apps on Google TV or live news channels on YouTube TV.

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