Google Tasks is about to introduce something new to the web

Last August the Google Tasks has updated this popular service by introducing tabs that allow users to quickly jump between various lists.

Well, it seems that the developers of the Mountain View giant are planning to introduce a similar structure also for the tab dedicated to Google Tasks in the sidebar of the web clients of Gmail, Google Docs and other apps of the Google Workspace suite.

A change coming for Google Tasks

According to what is learned from a post published on the official blog from Google and specifically from the following screenshot, the Mountain View giant is testing a revamped interface for the web client sidebar:

The main difference is represented by displaying all your lists in the feed instead of one at a time (with the consequent need to switch between them manually from the drop-down menu at the top left) and probably for the web client this is a solution that overall it is able to guarantee users a better experience.

In addition, with this new interface, users have the ability to hide the contents of a list to focus only on those that are currently relevant and the “Add a task” button, instead of appearing at the top, is displayed next to the name of each list. Finally, at the bottom and at the top, there is also a shortcut that allows you to add a list with a single tap.

At present this redesign of the list for Google Tasks on the web has not yet been implemented on personal and Workspace user accounts globally and probably this screenshot was published by the Mountain View giant by mistake.

To find out when this new UI will be implemented for everyone, we just have to wait for official information from the Google team.

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