Google removes the December update for Pixel 6 from its servers

While the rest of the still supported Pixel range is receiving January patches, the current flagship Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro are still awaiting, in some cases, December patches. After postponing the release for a week, the American giant had released the feature drop December which, however, created many problems for the owners of the new smartphones, especially as regards cellular connectivity in many European countries.

Patches removed from Google servers

In recent days, Google had canceled the roll out of the update, thus leaving the models not yet reached at the original version of the software, with the security patches of the month of November. For the more savvy, however, it was a breeze to enter the site dedicated to Android developers and manually download the file to use for the update.

Obviously, Google does not want to take risks, to avoid finding themselves with thousands of users unable to use their smartphone correctly, and has decided to also remove files for manual installation of the update from your servers.

If you go to visit the page dedicated to updates you will see that only the November updates are available for the two Pixel 6s, while the rest of the range can already download the January security patches.

Google’s move will therefore prevent the installation of an imperfect version of the software, allowing those who want to return to the November patches, through a full system restore, to have only stable versions free of big bugs. The removal of an update file is a very rare event and testifies to the major problems facing the development team.

The appointment is therefore for the end of January, when Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro owners are expected to receive a cumulative update with December and January patches, feature drop December and any corrections for other bugs that have emerged in recent weeks.

Not a good start for the first Google smartphones to use a proprietary chipset, which at this point becomes one of the main suspects on the issues of development and updating.

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