Google provides support for Ukrainians

The sad events of these last two weeks relating to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine made topics such as air raids and it seems that the developer team of Google has decided to provide support to users who are in war zones.

Air raid alerts arrive in Google Play Services

In version 22.06.15 Of Google Play Servicesin fact, some strings related to air raid warnings have been added and this both in English and in the Ukrainian and Russian languages.

Here are the strings in question:

Air Raid Warning Details Preference Key nYou may get a notification when the air raid alert is issued, and another notification when the air raid alert is canceled. The Government of Ukraine provides all air raid alert information. NIf you are in an area where the Government of Ukraine has issued an air raid alert n “Keep in mind: n”

  • There may not be an official alert for all air raids.

” N”

  • You may not receive a notification every time an alert is issued or canceled.

” N”

  • You should not rely on the notifications as your sole source of information.

“ N” nThis feature uses only your device’s approximate location to send notifications about potential air raids. Google does not use this location information to track or identify you. NHow it works nAir Raid Alerts Main Switch Key nСповіщення про повітряні тривоги в Україні nUkraine air raid alerts n “The Government of Ukraine issued an alert for% s at % s. Take shelter immediately. Tap to change settings. ” NAir raid alert n” The Government of Ukraine canceled the alert for% s at% s. Tap to change settings. ” NAir raid alert canceled nGovernment of Ukraine alert nAir Raid Alerts nAir Raid All Clear

The benefit of making this feature a part of Google Play Services is that most Android users will actually be able to get alerts on their phones and that even without a dedicated app (Google Play Services are integrated into virtually all Android smartphones).

And the confirmation of the introduction of this feature came from Google through a blog post dedicated to ongoing initiatives in support of Ukraine.

This system, which takes advantage of the mechanism already used by Google for earthquake warnings, will be released for Ukrainian users in the next few days.

You can download the latest available versions of Google Play Services from APK Mirror or from the Play Store through the following badge:

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