Google Play Store is preparing for something new

With each version of Android the team of Google introduces new system-wide security and privacy features that, however, most of the time require the support of third-party apps.

Well, it seems that the Mountain View giant has devised a new system to “invite” third-party application developers to support the features gradually introduced in Android: the risk, if they do not, is to make them less visible on the Google Play Store.

A major change for the Google Play Store

According to what was announced by the Google team through a post on the official Android blogstarting from 1 November 2022existing apps that do not reach an API level within two years of the latest major version of Android will not be available for detection or installation for new users with devices based on OS releases above the API used in those apps .

Furthermore, when new versions of Android are released in the future, the requirements window will change accordingly: in practice, developers will be forced to update their apps and follow the evolution of the Google OS.

The important aspect of this novelty is that it concerns new users only who want to install outdated apps for the first time and that, when looking for recommendations in the Google Play Store, they simply won’t see them.

On the other hand, those who have already installed a certain obsolete app from the Google Play Store in the past will continue to view it and will be able to install it again and this on any device, regardless of the Android version on which it is based.

According to Google, this modification was meant for protect users from out-of-date apps to the latest security and privacy protection measures and the Mountain View giant is keen to point out that most of the applications published on the Google Play Store already comply with these standards.

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