Google Play Store, here’s how it will change for big screens

Last year the Google announced that app ratings in the Google Play Store must be specific to each type of device and the Mountain View giant continues to work on improving the experience for devices with large displays with new changes.

After all, it is not surprising that Google pays attention to this aspect too: there are over 250 million, in fact, Android tablets, folding devices and active ChromeOS devices and their owners are increasingly eager to have apps that can take advantage of the their potential better.

The changes coming to the Google Play Store

According to what was announced by the Mountain View giant through a post published on the Android developer blog, they will be three are the most important innovations introduced in the Google Play Store and will affect ranking and promotion changes, low-quality app alerts, and device-specific ratings and reviews.

Starting from changes to ranking and promotionin the coming months the ranking system on the Google Play Store will be updated on devices with large screens, in order to highlight the high-quality apps and games for this specific type of device (this should allow users to find more ease the most optimized apps).

For apps not optimized for devices with generous screens the system will notify users with appropriate messagesin order to prepare them for what they will find in front of them and not to make them have too high expectations.

Finally, users will be able to view ratings and reviews broken down by device type (e.g. tablet, foldable smartphone, Wear OS, ChromeOS, etc.).

These new features of the Google Play Store will be implemented gradually over the next few months, just enough time to give developers the opportunity to adapt their applications to the various changes introduced.

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