Google Pixel Watch and the skin interface

Among the most anticipated technological products of 2022 there is undoubtedly also Google Pixel Watchthe first smartwatch of the Mountain View giant that could be launched during the second quarter.

In the past few hours, some interesting details have emerged relating to a question for patent presented by Google in 2020 at the World Intellectual Property Office and which relates to a technology that could also find application in Google Pixel Watchas well as in the company’s other wearable devices, such as the series earphones Google Pixel Buds.

Google Pixel Watch could boast a skin interface

According to what emerges from the documentation relating to the patent application, the Mountain View giant would have studied a so-called “Skin interface” for the management of devices through the skin of the users.

At present, wearable devices are managed through voice commands (thanks to an integrated microphone) and touch input but the Google team would have decided to focus on a possible further solution: we are referring to a series of gesture on the skin carried out near the device and which create a mechanical wave that is perceived by the sensors of the wearable and transformed into commands.

For example, users could swipe vertically or sideways or tap once or twice, quickly or long, and at each type of gesture the system should be able to match an action, provided of course that the gesture is carried out near the device.

And so with Google Pixel Watch the gestures could be performed on the wrist, on the back of the hand or on the forearm while with Google Pixel Buds they could be performed in the area of ​​the temple or by touching the earlobe.

Using machine learning technology, the wearable device may be able to recognize movements that are not meant to be gestures and thus users will be able to nod, chew, scratch and speak without the risk of this being detected as an input gesture.

It remains to be seen if and when this technology will be implemented by Google in products intended for marketing.

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