Google Pixel Pass with Pixel 6, one-time subscription to pay for the phone including Youtube Premium, Google One and other Google mobile services

On the occasion of the launch of its new phones Pixel 6 and Pixel Pro in the US, Google has announced a new way to get them if you don’t want to pay full price right away: Pixel Pass. This is a single subscription that allows you to pay for a Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro in installments along with Google’s best mobile services, device protection and regular device updates.

Pixel Pass costs $ 45 a month for the Pixel 6 and $ 55 a month for the Pixel 6 Pro.
With both Pixel Pass plans, you get access to the best of Google services in addition to your phone, including:
YouTube Premium to watch and play ad-free, in the background using other apps
YouTube Music Premium to listen from Google’s music streaming service ad-free and seamless
Google One with 200GB of secure cloud storage for full resolution photos and videos, discounts on the Google Store, automatic phone backup and more
Google Play Pass with access to hundreds of ad-free games and apps and in-app purchases
Preferred Care coverage to insure your phone from the minor accidents of everyday life with repairs to the device at no additional cost

In the US, you can subscribe to Pixel Pass on the Google Store or with a phone plan through the Google Fi operator. By subscribing to Pixel Pass on the Google Store, you can save up to $ 294 over two years and get an unlocked Pixel phone, so it can work with all major mobile carriers. By subscribing through Google Fi with a phone plan, however, you can save an additional $ 5 on the monthly Fi plan, for a total of $ 414 savings over two years.

Another advantage of Pixel Pass is that the installments of the phone and the subscription services included (Yotube Premium, Youtube Music Premium, Google One 200GB and more) are paid in a single monthly bill.

As anticipated, Pixel Pass with Pixel 6 is only available in the United States.

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