Google Maps could introduce this novelty

Among the features that the Google Maps is testing we also find one that concerns the favorite places of users, those tagged and those visited.

We remind you that the system designed by the Mountain View giant for the management of places allows the user, in the event that he gives Google permission to save this data, to be able to quickly track down certain positions or prepare a move more easily.

A new feature is coming for Google Maps

Well, it seems that the Google team is quietly testing a new Google Maps feature that allows you to temporarily save positions in your browser, so you can access those mailing lists (and even delete them) with a single click.

In particular, the developers of the Mountain View giant have thought of a special button, called “Dock to Bottom”, which appears next to the name of the address in the browser version of Google Maps and, with a click on it, a small shortcut button for that address or business is shown at the bottom of the window, with the possibility of selecting it to make the position information reappear or to delete the link by clicking on the “X”.

This is a function that could prove to be very convenient in various situations, for example on vacation to temporarily view different tourist places on your browser, deleting them one at a time after they have been visited.

Another example of using this feature is that relating to the choice of a restaurant, with the possibility of saving all candidates and then eliminating them as they are discarded.

At the moment that function is being tested only with a small circle of users and there is no information on when it could be implemented globally (at present it is not even certain that it will arrive on Android and iOS). To find out more, therefore, we just have to wait for official news from Google.

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