Google Maps accuses an annoying bug on Android Auto

Google Maps on Android Auto is designed to offer uninterrupted navigation without having to touch the screen, but it seems that for some time this has no longer been possible for some users.

Google Maps continually restarts on Android Auto

An annoying Android Auto bug appears to cause the Google Maps app to cyclically restart and keep updating while in navigation mode.

According to complaints from the users involved, the restart of Google Maps occurs every 5-10 minutes for no apparent reason.

The problem appears to occur regardless of the Android smartphone used. Some of the people who complained about the problem on the Google forum are using Huawei Mate 20 Pro, others Google Pixel 3 XL. A Vivo X70 Pro owner even videotaped the problem as it occurs.

According to forum comments the issue affects both wired and wireless Android Auto connections, however, based on the number of complaints posted in the forum, the bug appears to be limited in scope, so it shouldn’t be widely spread.

Unfortunately for users who are experiencing the problem there is currently no solution and Google has yet to acknowledge the bug. The usual alternative practices, such as resetting the smartphone or clearing the cache, do not seem to solve the problem.

Android Auto known bugs and known issues

As of December, Google lists the following points as “known issues”, for which fixes have already been provided:

  • Android Auto crashes when a connected OPPO smartphone is locked.
  • Xiaomi smartphones become very fluid after being disconnected from Android Auto.
  • Android Auto shows only the local weather, but not your current location.
  • Google Assistant doesn’t show any results for the current location.
  • Displaying the wrong direction of the roundabout.
  • Android Auto does not read new messages.

There are no fixes to the following issues yet, but the development team is working on it:

  • Connection problems with the Google Pixel 6 series.
  • Android Auto no longer works from Android 12 onwards.
  • Spotify no longer listens to voice commands.
  • Google Assistant no longer listens to voice commands.
  • Music playback is not smooth on Bluetooth or WiFi connection when Android Auto is connected.
  • Google Assistant acknowledges requests with an error.
  • The weather icon is missing.

In early December, Google brought Android Auto to version 7.1, announcing several new features that will be rolled out to the platform in the future.

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