Google is about to kill another service, that’s what it is

Google Cameos – Cameos on Google, on the Play Store – it’s not exactly the most famous of the Mountain View giant’s services, but it’s certainly the closest to the end: Big G is already reporting that very soon will close its doors, just over two years after its launch and without ever having taken root among users.

Have you ever happened to look for some famous person and come across a handful of videos in their tab in Search under the title “Answers to the most frequently asked questions“(” Top questions answered “)? Well, the videos in question all come from the above service: Cameos on Google It is aimed exclusively at celebrities and other high-profile personalities and gives them an easy way to record videos answering the most common questions about themselves and see them appear high in Google search results.

Like any other service created and then killed by Big G, even in this case it is not worth pretending to be surprised: Google does these things and not so rarely. As you can see from the image below, the search engine giant is already emailing celebrities and creators who have previously registered Cameos on Google that as of February 17, 2022 it will no longer be possible to do so. That’s not all, on the contrary: from the same date all the videos previously recorded and published they will no longer be shown in search results.

Google describes the service as a pilot open only to those who have received the relative invitation thanks to which the company has learned a lot, even if frankly two years seems a bit long for a pilot project. Now Big G says it wants to devote its energy to other content creation projects.

In fact, hardly anyone will cry over this loss, as the service had remained limited and the same since its inception and even the celebrities who came aboard were few.

Are you curious to try Cameos on Google before it disappears? You can find it on the Google Play Store by clicking on the badge below. If you are a celebrity and don’t want to lose previously recorded videos, you can use Google Takeout, you have time until March 17, 2022 to download them, otherwise you will lose them permanently.

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