Google fixes an annoying Android Auto bug

Android Auto is one of the services on which Google it is aiming more, but it is also very complicated to manage in case of problems. For example, voice commands are managed by Google Assistant, which is managed by the Google app. So if there are any issues with the voice assistant, these need to be fixed with an update of the Google app and not Android Auto.

The Google Assistant stops responding after just one call

There have been several reports recently regarding a problem with Assistant. The latter responded to a single call, then stopped working making the interaction useless. So making a phone call, starting a playlist or whatever, after saying the classic phrase “OK, Google”, was practically impossible.

In an announcement released a few hours ago on the Google forum, a member of the Android Auto team confirmed that a solution was found and then released an update.

Thank you for reporting the problem that ‘OK Google’ only responds once on Android Auto. The Google Assistant team has implemented a fix to address this issue. Make sure you update your Google app to the latest version.

You can download the latest version of the Google app from Play Store or from APKMirror. Do you usually use the assistant on Android Auto? Did you have this bug? The comments box is at your disposal

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