Google dedicates Doodle to Christine de Pizan on the day of the 657th anniversary of her birth

Google dedicates its doodle today, Saturday 11 September 2021, to the 657th anniversary of the birth of Christine de Pizan, an Italian writer and poet recognized in Europe as the first woman to have supported herself exclusively by writing by profession.

As per the description of the doodle, Christine de Pizan was born in the Republic of Venice on this day in 1364. She spent her childhood exploring the court libraries of the French King Charles V, where her father was a court astrologer. Armed with a pen and her love of literature, she began writing romantic ballads in 1393. This first foray into word production ecstatic several powerful patrons, including King Charles VI.

De Pizan is best known today for her role in a medieval literary debate heated in the 1400s on the popular poem “The novel of the rose”. In 1405, De Pizan denounced the treatment of women in one of her most famous works of hers, the “Livre de la Cité des Dames”, in which she collected stories that highlighted the leadership and wisdom of important women in history. and mythology. She published the sequel, “Le trésor de la cité des dames”, in the same year, completing the series now considered one of the first feminist publications.

During his career, de Pizan published 10 volumes of poetry, many of which were in protest against vice or injustice. Today, de Pizan is among more than 1,038 influential women featured in Judy Chicago’s iconic 1970s art installation “The Dinner Party” on display at the Brooklyn Museum.

The doodle that Google dedicates to the 657th anniversary of Christine de Pizan’s birth is visible on the homepage of the popular search engine located in Italy but also in Greece and Ukraine.

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