Google combines the best of Translate and Lens to improve

Google is preparing to introduce interesting news regarding services Google translator And Google Lens. The Mountain View house plans to combine the best of the two apps for a new smart translation experience, albeit sadly starting with iOS.

New camera translation experience thanks to Google Lens

L’announcement comes directly from the official Google support forum, but for the moment it concerns the devices of the apple. In fact, the message states that the new translation experience is active from today on iOS smartphones, while on Android it will arrive in the coming months. On the devices of the robot, we remind you, the new interface in Material You, started a few months ago by the Pixels, is currently being distributed.

According to what we can read, a consolidated experience will be provided for instant translation, translation of captured images and translation of imported images, all in one place. In addition, it will be possible to select the translated text and copy it, search for it online or send it to the Google Translate home page.

To try the new features, just open the Translator app and press the icon of camera, but for now only on iOS (as mentioned above). Apparently Big G intends to further improve the service over the next few months: the new features include the ability to switch from the source to the translated text and to make text selections from the source itself. We are sure that we will know more details soon.

Google Translate and Google Lens could therefore join forces more and more, making their full potential available in one place. To start discovering the news, as Android users we will have to wait for the next few months.

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