Google Chrome Beta updates to version 99 with these new features

In the past few hours, a new update for Google Chrome Beta has landed on the Google Play Store, bringing the application to version 99 and introducing some Announcementswhich in truth are aimed above all at the audience of developers.

Google Chrome Beta 99: the news of the update

In short, as usual Google Chrome Beta it still remains a step behind the less stable Canary version – which has already crossed a historic milestone – but returns to update itself a little less than a month after the last time.

As we said at the beginning, this time most of the changes take place under the hood, so only the developers will notice. More limited, however, is the scope of Announcements visible to end users.

How downloads will change

The first of these concerns the management of download on desktop: at this moment Google Chrome hides its icon in the overflow menu at the top right, but in the future it will adopt an approach more similar to that of Microsoft Edgewith a dedicated key always there in plain sight and immediately reachable when you download a new file from the network. In truth, this news is not yet visible by default, for this reason it will hardly be made available in the stable channel in time for the 99 version of Chrome.

Free handwriting API

As for the second change, it seems that Google wants to complete a job started even with Chrome 91, that of a ‘Integrated API for handwriting recognition. In this way, developers would be able to create apps for taking notes and drawing much more easily and quickly, without having to rely on (not always reliable) third-party integrations. Other APIs clearly already exist, however most of the time they are specific to certain systems, so creating a single standard that can be used across multiple platforms would be a big step forward.

At present, however, the step has not yet been taken, given that it is mentioned handwriting API it is only available for the desktop version of Google Chrome.

Manifest V3 and new extensions

We already told you several months ago about how Google plans to change the way i content blocker (with particular regard to ad blocker) currently work in your browser. The explanation of the Mountain View giant behind this change would be to reduce the resources that are currently used by these tools, even if in reality the common suspicion to many developers is that Google simply wants to adopt a change that makes adblocks less useful. .

In one way or another, browser extensions that already exist at this time will be able to continue using the existing method until next year, thus avoiding to immediately bend to the change. Already as of now, however, Big G no longer allows new extensions to make use of the old Manifest V2: they must necessarily rely on Manifest V3, with all the consequent restrictions.

More new features in Chrome Beta 99

Google Chrome Beta 99 it also introduces some other small new additions that, in reality, will not go unnoticed in the daily use of the browser. In particular:

  • satisfying a request that the developers have been carrying out for years, the web app may, at their discretion, choose to force browsers to show the system date picker.
  • there are some improvements to the international date formattingwhich makes it easier for developers to localize their content (finally eliminating the confusion between dd / mm / yy and mm / dd / yy formats).

How to update Google Chrome Beta

Google Chrome Beta 99 for Android is already available for download on the Google Play Store and you can download it by clicking on the badge below. Alternatively, you can find it on APK Mirror a this link.

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