Google Chrome Beta 101 is available for download. Here are the news

After releasing the version 100 of their browser, Google has initiated the release of Google Chrome Beta 101 for beta testers. Unlike the big news introduced with the centennial version of Google Chrome (we talked about it in this article), the new version 101 of the browser is a minor update, introducing minor changes under the hood aimed at developers.

Google Chrome Beta 101 is available for download. Here are the news

Minor news, we said. Among these, the most evident in Google Chrome Beta 101 is a new test regarding the password manager built into the browser (on the desktop version), which allows you to add notes to saved passwords.

To enable the new functionality of the integrated password manager, simply enable the flag “chrome: // flags / # password-notes”And restart the browser: at that point, the user can enrich the saved passwords with information, by adding further details (such as the answers to the security questions or the date of the last password change).

The rest of the news are under the hood. These include an option that allows websites to forget previously connected USB devices and an option, related to windows, to optimize loading algorithms.

With Google Chrome Beta 101 Developers will also be able to take advantage of the new “Priority Hints” that allow them to discover how the browser manages the priority of assigning resources to various websites.

How to download the new version of Google Chrome

To try the version 101 Of Google Chrome Beta you can proceed with the manual installation by downloading the appropriate APK from the site APKMirror (through this link).

The new version of the browser is also being released gradually through the official Google store: therefore, you can check availability for download via the Google Play Store by clicking on the badge below.

Google Chrome Beta 101 it is also available in the desktop version: to proceed with the download, simply connect to the dedicated page Google website from PC.

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