Google Chrome 99: here are the news of the update

Google Chrome is one of the fastest browsers and a further improvement should come with the version M99 of Google Chrome Desktop, released by the Mountain View giant in the past few hours.

According to the Google team, this version of the browser “Significantly increases speed on all major platforms” and an example seems to be represented by the version dedicated to devices Mac: with Apple’s Speedometer benchmark test, in fact, Google Chrome has recorded the highest score to date, which means that it is faster than Safari.

Google Chrome with version 99 is also faster on Android

But it’s not just the desktop versions of Google Chrome that go faster, and an example is represented by Chrome for Androidwhich thanks to the optimizations implemented should be now 15% faster.

According to the Google developer team, the browser now prioritizes critical browsing moments to help execute code quickly while also optimizing performance.

The Google Chrome developer team is aware that the benchmark tests represent only one of the various ways in which it is possible to measure the speed of a browser and that the main thing is that the one of the Mountain View giant proves to be faster and more efficient in ‘daily use. Precisely for this reason, it is committed to continuing to work hard to always introduce new performance improvements, in order to make the use of this browser more and more enjoyable.

You can download the latest version of Google Chrome Desktop from the official website (you can find it by following this link).

As for the version intended for Android devices, you can download the latest browser versions available from APK Mirror (find the dedicated page here) or from the Google Play Store through the following badge:

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