Google Calendar and Tasks: Here’s how integration improves

The team of Google Calendar has decided to improve the integration with the service of the Mountain View giant dedicated to the activities to be performed and the latest news in this regard is the functionality that allows users to view expired activities on Android, iOS and Web clients, with the ability to manage them.

Basically, depending on the view, there will be an element “[x] pending activities “ which has the function of showing a “List of uncompleted past activities” under each day of the calendar.

Coming a little handy news for Google Calendar

Here is a hands-on demonstration of the new Google Calendar feature:

According to what is explained by the Google team, if users have unfinished activities that have expired in the last 30 days, they will see an entry for the whole day that will tell them how many activities are pending from that period of time and, by clicking on that voice, the system will show the list of these pending activitieswith the ability to edit them directly or mark them as complete.

In announcing this new feature, the team of developers of the Mountain View giant would like to point out that it was designed with the aim of providing users with help to keep track of past activities, so as not to forget anything important.

Availability of the new function

The Mountain View giant specifies that this feature will be enabled by default for anyone who uses tasks in Google Calendar (Google Workspace, G Suite Basic and Business users) and can be turned off.

On the web client, the feature is already being released and will be available to all users within 15 days. On Android, the release is scheduled for 17 February while for iOS it will be launched starting from 1 March 2022 (in both cases it will take 15 days to complete).

Google Calendar for Android can be downloaded for free from the Play Store through the following badge:

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