Google Assistant routines improve a small aspect

Apparently, the Google developer team has decided in recent days to devote themselves particularly to improving the experience offered by theGoogle Home app and from Google Assistant and, after the introduction of the possibility of reducing the minimum time of delays, there is another small novelty for the routine.

We refer to the introduction of a appropriate edit button (represented by a pencil) next to a routine name when one is opened, allowing users to give it any name.

The Google Assistant routines are enriched with another novelty

Recall that up until now the routines were named according to the sentence set as trigger and this in many cases could lead to a particularly long name while an abbreviation represents a more than sufficient (as well as convenient) solution for the purpose of a list.

The most important change that Google Home app users have identified is that the system no longer needs an accompanying phrase to get a non-generic name (“New Routine”), as you can simply set a trigger “When it’s time” and immediately give it the desired name.

Users will therefore have wide autonomy in deciding the name to assign to your custom routines and the only limit is represented by the names of the predefined ones (such as Hello, I’m at home, etc.), which cannot be used.

Maybe in the future the Mountain View giant, again as part of this policy of slow but continuous improvement of the experience guaranteed by its ecosystem dedicated to devices smart homeit could also introduce the ability for users to choose which icons to use for custom routines.

To date, the new feature relating to the ability to rename routines has already been implemented for many users of Google Home for Android and iOS.

You can download the latest available versions of the application from APK Mirror or from the Google Play Store through the following badge:

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