Google Assistant on Pixel 6: here’s how to activate it

In the years Google Assistant has become one of the pillars of the ecosystem of services and products created by the Mountain View giant and a sort of confirmation of the centrality of the assistant comes to us from the smartphones of the series Google Pixel 6, which can boast six different ways to activate this convenient solution.

The goal of the Google team is to allow users to have immediate access to the services and applications of the Mountain View giant and this is made even easier by Google Assistant.

In particular, the smartphones of the Google Pixel 6 series can count on the potential offered by Google Tensor and on the optimization guaranteed by Android, all with an experience that should be able to satisfy the different needs of users.

How to activate Google Assistant on Pixel 6

The first way to activate the assistant is represented by a long press on the power key while the second is a little less simple, as it consists in swiping from the lower corners of the display (on Android 12 it must be activated in the menu of Settings, in the section dedicated to gestures).

Obviously Google Assistant can be activated with voice commands (just a “Hey Google” and the assistant will appear on the screen) or through the improved Android 12 search bar in the app drawer.

And again, the Google team has also thought of a smart gesture that allows you to activate the assistant with a double tap on the rear body of Google Pixel 6 (it can be activated from Settings -> System -> Gesture -> Quick Tap).

Finally, it is possible to access Google Assistant directly from the shortcut in the search bar, that is the icon with the small microphone positioned next to that of Google Lens.

Basically, those who buy a Google Pixel 6 will be spoiled for choice for how to call the assistant.

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