Google Assistant keeps saying “Sorry, I don’t understand”

Many users are experiencing problems with Google Assistant which returns a message “Sorry, I don’t understand” when asked by smartphones or other devices of the smart home through the usual commands.

Both on Reddit and on the community page of Google Nest there are numerous reports on this and from what we read it is not easy to identify the problem, as it occurs in some contexts, while not in others.

Google Assistant keeps saying “Sorry, I don’t understand”

Some discussions describe problems with Philips Hue smart lights, while in other cases, similar problems occur with almost all connected Google Assistant devices.

However, from some devices there seems to be no problem, while with other components of the smart home some commands work and others do not.

Another odd fact is about the suggestions that Google Assistant returns after apologizing for not understanding, since tapping them still gets the message “Sorry, I don’t understand”.

All things considered the problem could be related to the Google Assistant backend or the cloud, but at the moment it is difficult to understand what this is.

Let us know in the comments if you are experiencing such problems with Google Assistant in your smart home.

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