Google Assistant improves calls via smart display

The devices Google Home have long allowed users to make phone calls only with their voice, however Goggle Assistant will limit the functionality to the numbers saved in your contacts Google.

The Google Home app recently started displaying a link to a support article informing users that you can ask Google Assistant to make a call hands-free or via a speed dial via the smart speaker. smart display or it smartwatchbut not to receive incoming calls.

Google Assistant will only make calls to Google contacts

Starting December 2021 this feature will require you to set up Voice Match and enable Personal Results for the Google Assistant-enabled devices you want to make calls from and have the number you want to call in Google Contacts.

Note that the latter requirement does not apply if you are setting up Google Fi or Google Voice: Assistant Settings> Communication> Call Providerswhile all the other devices in the house will ask you to save a new number in Google Contacts before the assistant can dial it.

This change may be intended to prevent dialing errors or to make sure dialed numbers have names, however it does not take into account that people often make one-time calls that don’t need to be saved.

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