Google Assistant has two new handy shortcuts

Now that Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro have made their official debut on the market (albeit only in some countries), with increasing frequency new interesting details emerge on the hardware and software features of the two smartphones of the Mountain View giant and one of the novelties unearthed regards Google Assistant.

It seems, in fact, that with Android 12 for Google smartphones, a new shortcut has been introduced in the interface of the company’s virtual assistant relating to the Read it to me function (it should already be available on the last two models and being released on the previous ones).

Two new shortcuts for Google Assistant

Basically, when you launch Google Assistant while reading an article on an Android 12-based Google Pixel smartphone, you should see two shortcuts above the tab that slides from the bottom: the first allows you to access the Google Lens features (and therefore have further details on images and text displayed on the screen) while the second allows you to take advantage of the Read function.

This last link is the most interesting one, as it leads users directly to the screen reading function, which is a solution that is not very well known but which undoubtedly represents one of the most comfortable services among those offered by Google Assistant (in practice, the page Web is divided into parts and the system begins to read them, with the possibility for users to manage playback, with an overall experience similar to that of a podcast).

If this shortcut is exclusive to Google Pixel smartphones (it is being implemented and you may have to wait a few days before viewing it), the same thing is not true for the Read it to me feature, which is instead available to everyone. Android devices (just activate the Google assistant while reading an article and ask him to read it).

You can download the latest available version of the Google app from APK Mirror or from the Play Store through the following badge:

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