Google again accused of abuse of dominant position

Big G, like other giants of the tech world, has recently had to face several checks and lawsuits, related to its dominant position on the market. In reality, the reasons can often be other, for example we recently reported a dispute related to patents, but in this case it is practically the classic abuse of a dominant position. A European competitor of Google Shopping has started a multi-billion dollar lawsuit against the giant, let’s see what it is.

Google is accused of manipulating search results in favor of its own comparison shopping services

The lawsuit was initiated by the Swedish price comparison service PriceRunnerwhich is claiming € 2.1 billion in compensation from Google for causing damage to both European consumers, the company itself and all competing comparison shopping services. According to the accuser, in fact, Google would have violated the antitrust laws of the European Union by abusing its dominant position in the market: the consequences would be both competing companies, but also consumers, who would have paid higher amounts than they should during purchases. online. Since the violation is still ongoing, the amount of compensation increases day by day, estimating a much higher total final value.

PriceRunner CEO Mikael Lindahl said the following:

“We have sued Google for nearly € 2.1 billion. Of course we are seeking compensation for the damage that Google has caused us over the course of many years, but we also see this lawsuit as a struggle for consumers who have suffered enormously from Google’s violation of competition laws over the past fourteen years and today again”.

“This is also a question of survival for many European entrepreneurial companies and job opportunities in the technology sector. If American tech giants, through a market position close to a monopoly, are allowed to do exactly what they want and manipulate the markets, we can almost certainly count on the fact that many tech companies in Europe will be affected far beyond the shopping market. comparative in focus today “.

All this stems from the fact that the Google search engine has a market share of over 90%, thus being in a dominant position; this abuse has already been challenged in Big G on several occasions, we recall for example the record fine of 4.3 billion by the EU, but similar proceedings have also been undertaken in India and South Korea. The accusation is always the same , or having exploited its “monopoly” to favor its services to the detriment of competing ones. The decision that the European Commission will take in this regard could put Google in serious difficulty since, giving reason to PriceRunner, it would trigger a series of claims for damages from various European competitors in the field of price comparison services.

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