Gmail wants to make notifications more intuitive

As the classic version of Hangouts is doomed to disappear for Workspace suite customers, the Google keep updating Chat And Spaces with new features and the latest in the series is specifically about the app Gmail for Android.

The idea behind the change introduced is to make it easier for users (in this case on Android) to succeed quickly understand if notifications are coming from Google Chat or Google Spaces and this through specific new icons for the status bar.

We remind you that up to now the notifications for new messages from Google Chat (individual or group conversations) and Spaces had the same icon of the status bar, that is the icon of a full balloon with another message behind it.

A little news for Gmail for Android

Well, the developer team of Gmail for Android has kicked off the release of an update by virtue of which the system will be able to show distinct icons depending on the source of the notification:

  • for Google Chat it will show a bubble icon with a single message and a blank internal message
  • for Google Spaces an icon with three people will be shown

In the following image you can see next to the time in order the old icon, the new one for Google Chat, the new one for Google Spaces and the classic one for Gmail:

As things stand, this change has only been released to a small group of users and there is no information on when it could be made available to everyone else.

In any case, according to what was found by the staff of 9to5Googleit seems that it has been identified on the 2022.02.20.x version of Gmail for Android.

You can download the latest releases of the application from APK Mirror (find the dedicated page following this link) or from the Google Play Store through the following badge:

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