Gmail updates and fixes a Pixel bug with Android 12

Google continues to optimize the operation of Android 12 and its core applications such as Gmail. In these hours, the American house has released a new update for Gmail for Android with the purpose of eliminate a bug that emerged with Android 12 and Pixel smartphones. The bug was immediately reported by users and concerns one of the main quick actions with which to interact with Gmail directly from the notification area.

In fact, Gmail usually allows you to take a quick action to archive an email coming from the notification area and without opening the app. It is a very useful tool that allows users to manage their inbox in a few moments, immediately identifying which messages to reply to and which ones to archive. This feature also includes a “Cancel” button which allows you to reverse the action performed if archiving occurred by mistake.

With the update to Android 12, due to UI changes made by Google, using this feature had become much less intuitive. The Cancel button, in fact, with the previous version of Gmail it was not immediately visible. A little distraction was enough to archive an email message and not being able to undo the action with a tap. The new Gmail update introduces the fix to this “bug”, making it as easy as possible to use the application’s quick features accessible from the notification center.

The new version of Gmail that contains this small, but still important, novelty is the 2021.11.14. That version of Google’s email app is already being rolled out on the Play Store. Over the next few hours, all smartphones with Android 12 should receive this further update that can solve one of the small problems caused by the new version of Google’s operating system. Android 12 is still a work in progress and, from update to update, all the various Google apps continue to register small optimizations aimed at improving the usability of the system.

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