Galaxy Dual Fold could come in the future and be like that.

It is no mystery that the current smartphone market is increasingly oriented towards folding devicesfrom Samsung to Oppo via Huawei, all the main competitors are releasing their own folding smartphones. Speaking of Samsung, the last two born of the Korean brand are Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3, but in the future we could see something very different from these two devices, a patent for a smartphone with double folding and S Pen. Let’s see some details.

Samsung may launch a Galaxy Dual Fold with S Pen in the future

Samsung Electronics, has filed with the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office) a patent concerning a “Foldable electronic device including stylus pen”July 23, 2021. The 66-page document, which you can view herewas released on January 27, 2022.

Extensive documentation shows one smartphone that folds into a z shapewhen closed you will have a normal-sized display (with a general thickness that is not really reduced), when open it will transform into a tablet with a generously sized display. Furthermore, in the part that houses the main display (with the smartphone closed), there is a housing for the S Penwhich however also has a dedicated recess on the back of the device in a central position. This allows you to completely fold the device making sure that the pen remains stuck in the middle without falling, thanks also to magnetic supports; these supports also seem to integrate a system dedicated to refilling the nib, a sign that the device will be also compatible with the pro version of the S Penbenefiting from all bluetooth functions.

The patent images also show a photographic module consisting of a triple sensor, the bottom of which should be a periscope lens, but there is no more detailed information on the sensors. What is evident is that, as with the current folding, the main camera can be used with the device partially folded back on itself. In addition, the document shows that the device will be equipped with a double battery, as indeed already happens on the Galaxy Z series. We just have to wait to see if and when Samsung will release a device with these characteristics.

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