FreeSegreteria is the all-Italian app for the secretariat

Do you remember FreeSecreteriaBot? The project developed by some Italian students has evolved and found a place on the Google Play Store with Free Secretariat, an app capable of offering a free smart answering machine and several other useful features: let’s go together to find out what it is capable of doing.

FreeSecreteria features: not just answering machine

The main intent of FreeSegreteria is to make available to users a free smart answering machine and access to services such as “I searched / called you”, which have now become paid with many operators. The app is able to answer missed calls when you don’t want to or can’t, recording any message from the caller and alerting us on your smartphone with a notification, but that’s not all.

These the main features offered by FreeSegreteria, all free:

  • notification of missed calls when you are unable to answer or are unreachable (“I searched for you”);
  • customization of the reply message and the possibility of recording a voice message from the caller to be listened to by the app;
  • ability to consult missed calls and listen to messages recorded by the app, even from multiple phones;
  • recognition of calls from call centers;
  • possibility of returning messages with a non-existent number for the “nuisances”.

The application is free, just like the Telegram bot we told you about a few years ago, but you can get some extra functionality paid: in addition to removing advertisements, becoming a Premium user allows you to set customized responses based on the time and / or day, connect multiple phone numbers and record longer audios.

If you want to try FreeSegreteria and support this all-Italian project, you can download the Android app from the Google Play Store by following the badge below. Compatibility is guaranteed by Android 5.0 Lollipop.

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