Free G Suite users will be able to migrate at no cost

Google announced that the free tier of G Suite will be closed starting July 1 and invited interested users to choose a subscription to Google Workspace by May 1st in order not to lose access to your account.

Now the Mountain View giant has introduced a friendlier option for users who do not use the service for commercial purposes.

G Suite Legacy users will be able to migrate to Google Workspace for free

Google has updated the support page by announcing that in the coming months the company will provide an option to transfer its non-Google Workspace paid content and most of its data for free.

This new free option will not include premium features like personalized email or multiple account management. The user will be able to evaluate this possibility before 1 July 2022 and before the suspension of the account.

The new option is certainly less strict than forcing consumers to pay or completely remove their account, despite the limitations of the case, such as losing access to the personalized email that allows them to add their domain to their account. Google instead of your regular Gmail address.

For more information on how to migrate from the free version of G Suite you can consult the official support page.

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