Fraggle Rock on Waze: how to activate the experience

On the occasion of Jim Henson’s 85th birthday (1936-1990) on September 24, 2021, the free social navigation app Waze introduced for a limited time the limited experience themed Fraggle Rock, the live action television series for children whose protagonists are puppets of the Muppet series, called Fraggles, born from the creative mind of Henson.

When the feature is activated, the Strange Creatures of “Other Space” are transported to Fraggle Rock – a world that celebrates diversity and acceptance – and are urged here to follow the example of the Fraggles, doing good in their community. After arriving in “Fraggle Rock” you can select your favorite cars from vehicles inspired by small and hardworking Doozers and find a wide range of Waze Moods, including Red, Boober, Mokey, Gobo, Wembley, a Doozer and Junior Gorg.

This Waze experience can also be a way to take kids to school in a fun way, with Fraggle Rock characters singing a song or two and proving that the journey can be better if you leave your worries for another day. .

Waze users can activate the full Fraggle Rock experience by entering the “My Waze” section of the app, then clicking on the Fraggle Rock banner. Availability is planned worldwide, in English and for a limited time.

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