Fix Firefox “Couldn’t Load Xpcom” Error [5 Solutions]

Firefox cannot work and the following message appears on the screen: ” Couldn’t load XPCOM“. He can occur on a Windows computer every time a user tries to open Mozilla after a Windows update or if the profile folder is corrupt.

Corruption of Firefox profile folder may occur after virus attack or after installing a third-party extension on your Navigator. This guide contains instructions for solving on Mozilla Browser.

What is the cause of this problem?

Firefox Couldn't load XPCOM error
Couldn’t load XPCOM

You may encounter this message after installing an update on Windows. There is no specific cause for this problem but as possible cause we can say that you may encounter this error due to some Windows infected update. Or there may be corrupt files in the system causing the problem.

Important : Before applying the instructions below to resolve this problem, make sure that your computer is not affected by a virus / malware.

Method 1. Reinstall – Update the browser.

  • From another web browser (eg. Internet Explorer, Chrome) download and install the latest version of Firefox on your system.
  • Remark : Do not uninstall it, just run the installer and follow the onscreen instructions it prompts you to repair / update the current application.
Repair Firefox
To fix

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Method 2. Start in Safe Mode and Disable Add-ons.

  • Start in safe mode by following this procedure:
  • Hold the key Windows + R, in the box Execute type firefox.exe -safe-mode .
  • Choose Boot into Safe Mode
  • If it starts without this message, then probably an extension (add-on) causes the error. In that case, deactivate extensions one by one, then close and start normally, until you find out which plugin is causing the problem.
Firefox Safe Mode
safe mode
  • To deactivate an extension, in the main menu, select Extensions
  • In the Extensions pane, disable installed extensions (one each time), then reboot normally until you find out which extension is causing the problem.
  • When you find out which extension cause the problem, delete it completely (by booting in safe mode).
  • If after having disabled all extensions, theerror persists, reset Firefox to default settings by applying the steps in the following method.
disable Firefox extensions
disable extensions

Method 3. Reset Default Settings.

  • Start in safe mode.
  • Choose Reset.
Reset Firefox

Note : The function of Reset restores all browser settings to their defaults, creating a new user profile and suppressing all extensions and customization (preferences, plugins, search engines added). The Reset does not remove the following:
– Bookmarks
-Navigation history
-Open windows and tabs
-Automatic filling of web forms
-Personal dictionary

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Method 4. Restore your computer to an older working state using System Restore

System Restore
System Restore

Try to restore your computer to an older working state which your browser was in good condition in order to resolve “Couldn’t load XPCOM error” .

Method 5. Uninstall and reinstall Firefox.

Finally, if none of the above methods does not resolve the Couldn’t load XPCOM error on startup, then:

  • Save your Passwords, your bookmarks, your settings, etc.
  • Uninstall Remove completely the application and Firefox folders from your computer.
  • Install the latest version.
  • Restore your settings.

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