Fix Avast Behavior Shield Problems (6 Solutions)

What is Avast Behavior Shield? : a integrated protection function who monitors processes in real time on your computer and you reports whenever you receive a malicious file.

Every time you receive a malicious file on your computer, Behavior Shield checked avast database and if it detects that it is similar to other known threats, it blocks or deletes this file from your computer.

This function is configured by default to provide medium level protection, and I recommend you to keep activated all the time. You can activate this function if you are an administrator or if you have knowledge of scripts or malware.

Avast Behavior Shield
Avast Behavior Shield

You can still see Behavior shield in Task Manager operating under the name ” aswidsagenta.exe“. This does not necessarily have an impact on performances from your computer, but you can still deactivate it by following the steps below.

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Since Behavior Shield is a useful tool for avast, especially after his 2017 version It is recommended to leave Shield enabled. But due “bugs” and problems that cause errors in antivirus, users can easily deactivate.

Usually the problem is with your memory usage , because it consumes a lot of CPU and remains blocked during processing.

Users also reported experiments with avast behavior shield memory usage which causes PC performance issues. It is recommended to switch to the latest version of the antivirus or simply to deactivate.
This could be the reason why Avast is slowing down the computer.

Follow the steps to disable behavior shield:

  • Go to the Antivirus dashboard,
  • Click on the tab Settings,
  • Open option Protection,
  • Double-click on the ” Behavior Shield ”,
  • Click now and switch the green tab to red,
  • Click on ” Final shutdown “,
  • Click on To confirm and restart the system.
disable Behavior Shield
disable Behavior Shield

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Avast Behavior Shield’s high CPU usage occurs when there is an error. User can deactivate the shield but it’s not recommended according to the Avast Help Forums.
Rather, it is recommended that you apply one of the following alternative methods. These methods make it possible to activate it by fixing the bugs that cause its automatic deactivation.


It offers a cleaning utility which allows clear computer cache and of close all apps that are running in the background. However, it happens that cleaning tool become responsible for high CPU usage. By removing this utility, it is possible to completely resolve the issues that occur.

Follow the steps to remove the cleaning tool.

  • Click on icon and open it,
  • In the dashboard, click on the tab Settings and go to Components,
  • In this screen the user can uninstall the components added with Antivirus,
  • Click on Cleaning tool (↓) and press the option to uninstallation,
  • Confirm the uninstallation and restart the PC.
uninstall avast cleanup tool
uninstall cleaning tool

This procedure effectively disables the process. Once it is needed again, the user can simply activate it using the same options. These steps are also valid for disable avast behavior shield.

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Applications running in the background are not visible to users. But these applications continue to consume the CPU.

One of these apps is mentioned with background scan. It’s about a automatic function who starts at scan system files after login of the user. Using command prompt, the user can disable avast behavior shield scanning in the background.

  • Click on the button Windows + R, to launch the tool Execute,
  • Type now cmd and run command prompt in as an administrator,
  • Now type the command: CD C: ProgramData Avast Software Avast

cd C:  ProgramData  Avast Software  Avast

  • Press the key Entrance to execute the command. This will open a new window.
  • Locate and open the file avast5.ini and insert the following command in the line:
    [GrimeFighter] : ScanFrequency = 999
disable avast scan
deactivate analysis
  • You must now save file.
  • Restart your pc and check whether the problem is solved or not.

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Generally, an obsolete version of an antivirus begins to cause problems, in addition to problems related to high CPU usage. Like the old one antivirus version is not updated with the latest threats, Avast Behavior shield becomes unable to detect any new threat.

Updating to the latest version of Avast 2019 will fix the issue.
Follow the steps below to upgrade to Avast 2019 for free.

  • First, open the dashboard by clicking on its icon in the system tray or by double-clicking on the desktop icon.
  • Click on update option located in the upper right corner of the dashboard,
  • It exists two options for updating : one concerns virus database and the other full software update.
  • Update both options to completely configure Antivirus.

Avast update


Usually, it starts scanning for viruses and threats in the background. He can exploit CPU performance by causing a high disk usage. It can also be the reason Behavior Shield consumes resources on the computer. For disable background scanning by default , follow the steps below:

  • Click with the right mouse button on any file and select the option analysis.
  • This will open a scan results window where you can see which are scans running on your PC.
  • Now in the dashboard find the option for disable the avast screen saver, and click the stop button.
  • Check your CPU usage, this should solve your problem.


This is the last way when no other option is valid. Using the control panel, user can repair avast antivirus software easily. For repair antivirus from the control panel, follow the steps listed below:

  • Log in as administrator with your PC,
  • Now click on To start up and select Control panel to open it,
  • In the control panel, with the available option set display as the category,
  • Click on the option ” Uninstall a program “Which you will find under the heading” Programs“,
  • Find Antivirus in a list of installed programs
  • Click on uninstall
uninstall Avast
  • Select the option of repair,
  • A confirmation window will open in which you will have to click on Yes. The site allows repair it with default settings,

repair Avast

  • Click on ” To end And restart your PC. Now check if it fixed your problem or not.

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Avast Behavior Shield is one useful tools that are integrated into this Antivirus.
This article answers the essential question of what this Shield does. There are many different methods that can simply eliminate the problem. high CPU usage. If the issue persists, please let us know in the comments section below.

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