Fitbit recalls Ionic smartwatches offering a refund to customers

Fitbit has announced a voluntary recall of its model smartwatches “Ionic“, which the company launched in 2017 and stopped production in 2020. This is because, after careful investigation, Fitbit has determined that “in very limited cases the battery of the Ionic smartwatch can overheat with a consequent risk of burns”. Putting the safety of its customers first, Fitbit has decided to recall the device, offering a refund to all Ionic owners.

“The health and safety of Fitbit users is our top priority” Fitbit explains in an official note. “We are taking these precautionary measures to protect our users. We will offer a refund to Fitbit Ionic customers.”

This recall program is for Fitbit Ionic devices only, does not apply to other Fitbit smartwatches or trackers. The company offers the refund because it cannot replace the product with a new one, as it stopped production of Ionic in 2020.

Owners of a Fitbit Ionic can apply for a refund by visiting the refund center provided by the manufacturer at After you initiate the refund process, you will also receive information on how to access a special discount on certain Fitbit devices, bands and services, if available in your area, for a limited time. Fitbit has a 3-6 week timeframe for obtaining a refund after completing the refund process.

Refunds can also be claimed by ‘inactive’ Ionic users: Fitbit said owners of an Ionic device they no longer use are also eligible.

Beyond the refund request, which interested users are free to do or not, Fitbit encourages all owners of a Fitbit Ionic device to stop using the deviceeven if functioning normally.

Owners of a Fitbit device can verify that they have an Ionic model by comparing the device they have with the one pictured below, or by finding the model number “FB503” on the back of the product, under the “CE” mark and above the buckle. Alternatively, you can check the device connected to your Fitbit account in the Fitbit app on your smartphone (by tapping the ‘Today’ tab, tapping your profile picture, then opening the ‘Account’ page and seeing if any devices connected to the ‘account there is an’ Ionic ‘).

Further details on this recall are available in the FAQ section of the web page

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