Fit Companion helps you move with reminders and goals

Fit Companion is a fitness application that helps users stay active throughout the day with reminders and goals using real-time data from Google Fit.

The app allows you to analyze the fitness data of Google Fit with the ability to relate two sources on the same table and aggregate data with intervals from 1 minute up to one month, analyze heart rate details and monitor progress on all custom goals directly on the smartphone home screen thanks to widgets .

Fit Companion helps you move with reminders and goals

L’application offers the ability to see on the smartwatch WearOS by Google the goals, the minutes of movement, the reminders and the activity and sedentary lifestyle graphs.

In the options you can set the minimum movement time, number of steps or activity time for each hour and activate reminders for independently by day of the week.

The premium version allows you to export your data to a comma separated file for further analysis in a spreadsheet, add more goals, and more.

Fit Companion is available for Android for free supported by an optional in-app purchase required to upgrade to the premium version which unlocks all features at a price of € 1.69 and asks for permissions to access photos, media and files. Below you will find the badge track application nel Play Store from Google.

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